Our Service

Founded in 2016, Rekyou.com is a community platform that connects amateur and semi-professional artists (singers, musicians ...) with studios and home-studios.

Whether it's a professional studio, a home studio amateur or semi-professional, Rekyou will allow you to find the studio that suits you both artistically and budget. Thanks to the Rekyou community you will open the doors of a new musical experience.


Let's Meet The RekTeam !!


 Rekyou, is 3 young people who are passionate about music and entrepreneurship.

Josué, Alexandre and Ignace.

Josué:  Co-founder and Business Manager.

Alexandre: Co-founder and Financial Manager.

Ignace:  Co-founder and Technical Manager.


"Pros have the chance to express their passion with quality. Now, thanks to Rekyou, everyone will have the opportunity to express their passion with the same sound quality as a Beyoncé music. : D "